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Workshops & Training

... 2020

The Self-Care Necessity: Understanding and Application: Part II
Implementation Strategies for Optimal Functioning (Dr. Jefferey Barnett).

Understanding Self-Care: The Basics and Beyond (Dr. Leisl Bryant).

Cultural Competency: Tools for Culturally Competent Care (DSM-5) (Dr. Francis Lu).

Telepsychology 101: Best Practices – Part I (American Psychological Association).

... 2019

2019 Masters of Psychotherapy Online Course (Dr. Jeff Zeig) 18 hours.

The Architecture if Intimacy: Helping Couples and Individuals develop the Skills They Need (Dr. Marty Klein). Vancouver, B.C.

Ethics and Self-Care for Psychologists: Promoting Joyful and Sustainable Practice (Dr. Erica Wise). Vancouver, B.C.

The Assessment of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Presentations, with Implications for Treatment and Recovery (Dr. Julie Suhr). Burnaby, B.C.

... 2018

Indigenous Cultural Safety Workshop (CPBC)

Anger Modification: Cognitive, Behavioural, and Affective Appproaches (Dr. Ephrem Fernandez). Burnaby, B.C.

... 2017

The Treatment of High Functioning Alcoholics, Addicts, & Dual Diagnosis. (Dr. Sarah Allen Benton). Burnaby, B.C.

Action-Packed CBT: more walk, less talk. (Dr. Christine Padesky). Vancouver, B.C.

Resolving Complex Ethical and Multicultural Dilemmas in Psychological Practice. (Dr. Erica Wise). Vancouver, B.C.

Using the DSM-5 in the Era of the ICD-10 (Dr. Greg Neimeyer).

San’yas: Indigenous Cultural Safety Training: Post Training: Mental Health (on-line course). Cheryl Ward, ICS Provincial Lead. Provincial Health Services Authority

... 2016

Working with the Pain Paradox: Integrating Mindfulness Principles into Modern Psychotherapy (Dr. John Briere). Vancouver, B.C.

ICD & DSM: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow (Dr. Carol Goodheart). Vancouver, B.C..

Making Sense of Emotions: The Science of Emotions and Their Impact on Behaviour (Dr. Gordon Neufeld). Vancouver, B.C.

... 2015

Mindfulness-Integrated Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Training (Dr. Bruno Cayoun), Burnaby, B.C.

... 2014

Integrating Sleep Management into Clinical Practice: CBT for Children, Adolescents & Adults (Dr. Catherine Schuman). Vancouver, B.C.

Understanding Dementia (Dr. R. S. Hullon). Coquitlam, B.C.

Meaning Therapy: A new paradigm of integrating healing with personal growth (Dr. Paul Wong). Vancouver, B.C.

The Intelligent Clinician’s Guide to DSM-5 (Dr. Joel Paris). Vancouver, B.C.

... 2013

Defining & Dealing with Addiction in the 21st Century (Dr. Stanton Peele). Vancouver, B.C.

9th Annual Health Care Professional Conference (Health Care Services, WorkSafeBC).

Understanding their Lives: What Children 8 - 12 Are Telling Us (Dr. Kimberly Schonert-Reichl, Principal Investigator - H.E.L.P., UBC).

... 2012

Diabetes, Obesity and Heart Disease (Dr. Laura Pawlak).

Conquering Pain (Dr. Michael Howard).

Mental Health Network Educational Session (WorksafeBC).

... 2011

Worried No More: Early Recognition and Effective Treatment for Anxiety in Children and Adolescents (Dr. Aureen Wagner).

Understanding Inattentive ADHD: Evidence-Based Screening and Treatment Strategies (Webinar).

Cognitive Therapy for Personality Disorders (Dr. Judith Beck).

Anxiety and Our Children: Surprising Solutions to a Growing Problem (Dr. Gordon Neufield).

... 2010

Indigenous Cultural Competency (ICC) Training, Provincial Health Services Authority, Aboriginal Health Program (Webinar).

Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy for the Prevention of Depressive Relapse (Dr. Mark Lau).

Comprehensive Behavioural Intervention for Tics (CBIT) Workshop (Dr. Douglas Woods).

Speaking of Kids Conference (Dr. Gorden Neufeld).

6th Annual Health Care Professional Conference (Health Care Services, WorkSafeBC).

... 2009

Comprehensive Workshop on the WAIS- IV and WMS-IV (Drs. Saklofski & Holdnack).

Reconsidering Trauma: Treatment Advances, Relational Issues and Mindfulness in Integrated Trauma Therapy (Dr. John Briere).

Attachment and Emotional Regulation: Brain-Based Interventions Across the Lifespan (Dr. Mark Beischel).

... 2008

Cognitive-Behavioural Treatment for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (Dr. Michelle Haring).

Stilling the Mind - The Use of Mindfulness in Therapy (Beth Falch-Nielsen, RCC).

Mental Health Provider Conference (WorkSafeBC).

... 2007

Enhancing Competencies in Clinical Supervision (Dr. Carol Falender).

Uncover Strengths and Build Resilience with CBT: A 4-Step Model (Dr. Christine Padesky).

Attachment, Self-Understanding, Neural Integration and the Developing Mind: Helping Individuals, Children, Parents, Couples and Families to Thrive.” (Dr. Dan Siegel).

... 2006

Mental Health Conference (WorkSafeBC)

Silent Men, Angry Women: Principles and Practice of Doing Gender-Aware Couples Counselling (Drs. Holly Sweet & Fredric Rabinowitz).

Personality Assessment Inventory (PAI): Theory and Application (Dr. Leslie Morey).

Buddhist Psychology and Psychotherapy - An Introduction (Dr. David Brazier and Caroline Brazier).

... 2005

Psychology Service Provider's Training Session re: Med-legal and PFI assessments, WCB context (Drs. Colotla and Gallegos). 

The Psychophysiology & Treatment of Pain Syndromes (Drs. Josephs and Zettl).

Ethics Boundaries & Practice (Dr. Schoener).

... 2004

Developing an Evidence-Based Psychological Practice (Dr. John Hunsley).

P.I.P.A. & Your Practice (Mr. Bill Trott, Information & Privacy Commissioner of B.C.).

Avoiding Complaints in Your Practice of Psychology (Drs. Andrea Kowaz and Larry Waterman, College of Psychologists of B.C.). 

Treatment of PTSD and Complex PTSD III: Research and Practical Applications (Drs. Chris Brewin, Rachel Yahuda, Alexander McFarlane, Wahan Wanis & Ruth Lanius).

Testifying in Court (Dr. Stanley Brodsky).

Understanding Psychopharmacology: The Basics and Beyond (Dr. John Preston).

Cognitive-Behavioural Treatment of Social Anxiety Disorder (Dr. Amy Janeck).

Cognitive-Behavioural Treatment for Generalized Anxiety Disorder (Dr. Sarah Newth & Ms. Michelle Haring).

... 2003

Pragmatics & Hope: Brief Treatment of Long-Term Problems & Trauma (Insoo Berg/Yvonne Dolan)

... 2002

Compassion Fatigue: Developing Personal Resilience for Helping Professionals (Dr. Anna Baranowsky).

Pain & Pain Management: New Information on Medicine's Oldest Challenge (Dr. Mark Schneider).

... 2001

Impasse or Opportunity?: Integrating Cognitive-Behavioral and Psychodynamic Approach's to Personality and its Disorders (Dr. Drew Westen).

Intelligence measures in psychological assessment (Dr. Ester Strauss). 

... 2000

PTSD: Working with Trauma: A Training Workshop (Dr. Sally Winston).

Beyond Pathology: Health, Wellness & Spirituality (Sheila Fodchuck, M.A.)

The Psychobiology and Pharmacology of Weight Loss (Dr. Nikita Katz).

Understanding Anger: Diagnosis and Treatment (Dr. Joseph Shannon).

Transforming Personality: In-depth Training in Cognitive Therapy of Personality Disorders (Dr. Christine Padesky).

... 1999

Anxiety: Comprehensive Assessment and Integrated Therapy (Dr. Sally Winston). 

Memory: A Seminar for Health Professionals (Dr. Bruce Bolster).

... 1998

Treatment & Management of the Suicidal Individual (Dr. Kirk Strosahl).

Recreational Drugs: What are the Negative Effects (Dr. Boris Gorzalka & Laura Hanson). 

The Stalker: Management & Risk Assessment (Dr. Randy Kropp). 

Treatment of Social Anxiety & Phobia (Dr. Lynn Alden).

Working with Emotions (Dr. Les Greenberg). 

Emotional Intelligence, Health & Relationships (Dr. Joseph Shannon). 

Cognitive Therapy for Couples (Dr. Cory Newman). 

Career Development in the New Economy: A Consultation on Career Development in B.C.

WAIS-III and WMS-III Conference.

... 1997

Susceptibility to PTSD: Toxic Events and Individual Differences (Dr. Marilyn Bowman). 

Motivational Interviewing: A Powerful Tool in the Treatment of Addictions (Julian Somers). 

Update on the Treatment of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (Dr. Stanley Rachman). 

Stress & Disease: A Seminar for Health Professionals (Dr. Michael Meaney). 

Self-Esteem and Health: A Seminar for Health Professionals (Dr. Jennifer Campbell). 

... 1996

Psychotherapy of Dissociative Identity Disorder (Dr. Alison Miller). 

Cognitive Therapy for Panic Disorders (Dr. Steven Taylor).

Assessment and Treatment of Stress Disability (Drs. Bilsker, Garrett & Shultz). 

Secrets of Successful Psychotherapy (The International Academy of Cognitive Therapy; Dr. David Burns).

... 1995

The Evolution of Psychotherapy.